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  • ePOWER Manufacturing (dba as Tactik Lighting) was started with the goal of building the longest lasting and most efficient LED light fixtures. A product so good that its sells itself.
  • We created our products to be “military strength” to illuminate the harshest environments.
  • We test our fixtures to real life situations in temperature chambers, dust chambers, shake machines, field tests, and other extreme conditions to guarantee they can survive and thrive anywhere.
  • Our long running client loyalty and repeat business is the best example of how you can trust us that we have your best interest at heart.

Health and Safety

  • Research shows that poor illumination is the #1 cause of accidents in the workplace.
  • Low unemployment markets need every advantage it can take to recruit talent.
  • Positive work environments produce happy employees and improved productivity.


  • Your customers, employees and potential employees get a vibe or aura each time they walk into your facility. It sets the tone for what you are about.  
  • Your facility is an asset that makes you money, it should be treated like a return on investment.
  • Lighting projects bring up the resale value of your facility. For each dollar you save on cost reduction increase the resale value by $5.


  • A company’s return on investment for a lighting project generally pays for itself in less than 5 years.


  • Long lasting products minimize the environmental impact.
  • Environmental impact includes parts sourcing and packaging.
  • Is the product throw away or does the manufacturer have a refurbishment program.
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