Enlighted Sensors

Enlighted’s Advanced Wireless Lighting Controls

The Enlighted IoT platform includes the most advanced wireless lighting control capabilities in the world. The system consists of a wireless network of patented sensors installed into or adjacent to the light fixtures and connected to an advanced analytics platform.

The sensors control lighting based on customized profiles, then capture and respond to data indicating changes in occupancy and ambient light levels. They maintain programmed behavior even if outages affect network health.

Enlighted sensors provide out-of-the-box compliance with energy use regulations. The sensors’ capacity for vacancy detection, daylight harvesting, demand response, and energy savings reporting, makes it easy to meet and exceed guidelines.


Enlighted Sensors

Enlighted transforms light fixtures into wireless IoT-enabled building intelligence solutions. Measuring ambient light, motion (PIR), energy consumption, and temperature, along with Bluetooth® capabilities and wireless connectivity.


The Possibilities are Endless

Enlighted’s proven lighting control systems are reducing energy costs by 85% or more in over 320 million square feet of building space. And because their solutions are future-proof, you can add unlimited high-value IoT applications as they become available in the future.


Enlighted One

Smart lighting, quickly and efficiently. Enlighted One’s room-based lighting controls are fast and easy to install, program, and commission, saving time and money, and providing instant code compliance. Sensors arrive integrated into new lighting fixtures, or are simple to install with existing ones.

Features & Benefits include:

Energy Savings

  • Task Tuning / High-end Trimming
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Occupancy / Vacancy Detection
  • Low Energy Bluetooth
  • ADR (Automatic Demand Response)
  • DR (Demand Reduction)
  • Manual Override Controller
  • Occupancy Controlled Receptacles
  • BMS / BAS Integration- BTL Certified
  • Energy Savings Report
    • Non-biased Data! You can’t save what you can’t measure
  • Tunable White/Human Centric

Comfort & Convenience

  • Smart Digital Occupancy Detection
  • Stability Controlled Daylight Harvesting and Groupings
  • Time-of-Day Dimming Schedule
  • Dim-and-Linger Occupancy Control
  • Follow-Me Lighting Effect
  • Smart Occupancy Reaction
  • Personalized Settings and Control
  • Motion/Regroup Sensors

Maintenance Benefits

  • Fixture Outage Reports
  • Wall Switch (ERC) Battery Level Reports

The Enlighted IoT Platform System Architecture

Enlighted sensors are installed in each light fixture in a building, creating a dense and granular grid of coverage for data collection. The cloud-based data in Amaze is used by Enlighted’s IoT software applications Space, Where and Safe, and also available to 3rd party applications via APIs. Asset tags and badges communicate using Bluetooth with the sensors for calculating the location of assets and people.


Lighting is only the beginning.

Enlighted is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that delivers the leading technology platform for smart buildings. With their game-changing sensor technology and scalable network, to real-time data collection and high-value applications, Enlighted is redefining what a smart building can be.