American Made LED Lighting Fixtures

Citadel Series


Want the very best and brightest in military-grade LED lighting? Turn to the Citadel. This series looks like no other LED because it’s designed like no other LED. As a result, it stands up to the most demanding high-heat, high-dust & debris and corrosive environments like no other LED.

NCO Series

When the top brass needs a job done, they rely on non-commissioned officers (NCOs). Our NCO Series delivers that same no-nonsense work ethic when it comes to military-grade LED lighting. No complaints. No Surprises. No excuses. Just a commitment to exceeding expectations. That’s why the NCO is destined to be the backbone of mission-critical objectives across the country.


Garrison Series


Corrosive vapors, caustic chemicals and relentless moisture & humidity can make your work environment feel more like a war zone to an LED light. Casualty rates can run high. That’s why there’s no substitute for the peace of mind a Garrison affords.

Turret Series

Round fixtures have their advantages. You don’t have to worry about orientation, so you can expedite installation. But don’t sacrifice performance or longevity for convenience. With the Turret Series, you get that ideal combination of all three.



Sulfur Dioxide: Determining LED Fixtures’ Ability to Resist Corrosive Penetration