Turret Series Round Industrial LED Lights

Round fixtures have their advantages. You don’t have to worry about orientation, so you can expedite installation. But don’t sacrifice performance or longevity for convenience. With the Turret Series, you get that ideal combination of all three.

Turret Series Features

  • Available in high temperature (up to 185°F) or standard temperature (up to 125°F)
  • Patent-pending remote driver minimizes fixture operating temperature and allows fixture to be moved for changing plant floor demands with no re-gridding required
  • UL Listed Drivers with less than 1% failure rate. Driver temperature up to 167°F (or 75°C)
  • Dimmable 0-10V
  • In-series transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) protects fixture against failure due to dirty power and power supply surges
  • Optional motion sensor to maximize energy efficiency. Choose from standard by Wattstopper, or Internet of Things (IOT) by Enlighted Sensors.
  • UL 1598 listed
  • IP65 rated
  • Includes 10 Year Module Warranty
  • Fixture includes a 6 foot Plug N Play Whip - see Cord Spec Sheet for additional cord options.

Turret Series Specifications

  • Power Factor:  >0.9
  • Input Voltage:  120/277V & 347/480V
  • Performance:  Up to 163 lm/W
  • Operational Temperature:  -40°F to 167°F
  • Distribution:  120°
  • Mount Type:  Suspension
  • Kelvin Temperature:  4000K, 5000K
  • Available Wattages:  100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400
  • Color Rendering Index (4000K):  >70
  • Color Rendering Index (5000K):  >90

Turret Series Additional Details

Ordering Information
TUR-1 Std Temp 10040- (4000K)1- No Optics2- Flat Poly Clear 41- Black1- 120/277VX- Integrated DriverX- NoX- NoX- N/A1- whip 120-277V1- 6'
TUR-2 High Temp15050- (5000K)6- Flat tempered glass clear4- 347/480V0- Top Mount 1- Standard 51- Yes1- Standard2- whip 347-480V2-12'
TUR-4 Crane Bay 12001- 6’2- IOT 53- 125V 15amp Straight
2502- 10’4- 125V 20amp Twistlock
3003- 25'5- 250V 15amp Twistlock
350 34- 50'6- 277V 15amp Twistlock
400 2,35- 100'7- 277V 20amp Twistlock
6- 200'8- 480V 20amp Twistlock
7- 500'9- 600V 20amp Twistlock
8- 1,000'
9- Custom
1 TUR-4 must come as a Top Mount
2 Under Review - DLC approval pending
3 350 Watt & 400 Watt fixtures and Top Mount fixture configurations are only available in Standard Temperature.
4 Due to melting concerns, Flat Poly Clear Lenses are only available with TUR-1 Standard Temperature Fixtures.
5 Motion Sensor information: Standard (1) features sensors by Wattstopper with L7 lens. Internet of Things or IOT (2), features sensors by Enlighted Sensors.
Lumen Output & Dimensions
Power Cord

Enhance cooling and eliminate LED re-gridding headaches

Tactik Lighting uses drivers that are capable of being in ambient temperatures up to 167°F. With the light engine itself being capable of being in ambient temperatures of 185°F.

If an environment is above 167°F, the driver must be relocated to an area where the temperature falls below that threshold.

This can range anywhere from 10’ to 1000’ with no voltage drop-off.

The driver box can be hung at ground level, ceiling level, mounted to strut or to a wall. The universal plug and play allow for complete accessibility.


Freight Allowance

All orders totaling $4,000 or more ship free of charge.

Credit Application

Mail completed application to:
Tactik Lighting, 3115 N. 21st St., Suite 2, Sheboygan, WI 53083

Learn more about Tactik's industry-leading 10 year standard warranty!