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Industrial LED Lighting To Withstand The Toughest Environments

All Tactik LED lighting products are relentlessly engineered to “military strength” so they provide dependable, energy efficient lighting in the harshest commercial and industrial environments. Every fixture is rigorously tested in extreme environmental conditions to ensure longevity.

Tactik Lighting

At Tactik we are driven to produce
the most durable LED Lighting on
the market. Our process is built
around a system of continuous
innovation and improvement with
regular field testing for quality.

Industrial LED Lighting

Tactik specializes in LED lighting
for the toughest environments,|
where extreme temperatures,
dust, moisture and vibration will
dramatically shorten the life of
other commercial LED fixtures.

LED Lighting Insights

Tactik Founder and LED lighting
expert Tim Wasmer gives you the
straight story about commercial
and industrial lighting options and
how to execute a successful LED
lighting upgrade in your business.

Meet Tactik Lighting Founder Tim Wasmer

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