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Tactik Lighting makes military grade LED lighting systems that will illuminate even the toughest of environments. Unlike other lighting manufacturers, we utilize a hands-on process that is based on fact-based research to deliver the best lighting solution for your specific facility. Our clients benefit by receiving long-term value and lighting that enhances and improves efficiency, productivity, safety and well-being. The result being lower costs, higher profits and happier customers and employees.

Not all LED products are created equal. Before we recommend a lighting system, we listen and learn to understand the specific needs of your environment.

Tactik Lighting specializes in manufacturing LED lighting systems for the toughest of environments. Whether it is extremes in temperature, dust, moisture or vibration our products can handle it.

We want our clients to work with us for all their lighting needs. There are a number of variables that come into play and we educate our clients to match them with the best choice for them.

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