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Measurably Better LED Lighting for Noticeably Better ROI

LED lighting is far more efficient than more traditional solutions. But to realize the economic benefits of their efficiency, the lights themselves have to withstand real-world conditions. Businesses that specify cheaply designed-and-made lights produced overseas are quickly finding out that they just don’t hold up. Tactik LED Lights, on the other hand, are designed to what we like to call “Military-Grade” standards.



So, What Makes Tactik Lighting Fixtures Military Grade?

  • Patent-pending designs prevent the build-up of insulating dust and debris that can drive up fixture temperatures and cause premature failure
  • The use of remote drivers on most fixtures helps lower internal operating temperatures and eliminates the need for regridding if lights ever have to be relocated to keep pace with changing plant floor layouts
  • Transient voltage surge suppression for greater reliability and more consistent performance
  • Best-in-class branded drivers with soldered wires for added durability 
  • Tested in Tactik Labs to validate that every light will deliver as promised

If you’d rather be seeing reduced energy costs than warranty replacement paperwork, demand Tactik Lighting.

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