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Extreme Ambient Pro LED

Engineered to withstand the most challenging environments, the Extreme Ambient Pro’s unique design lowers the light level when ambient temperature rises, thus protecting the fixture. The driver for the Extreme Ambient Pro can be integrated or remotely placed in the offset heat sink, protecting lumen maintenance cost. Slots between the aluminum die-cast heat sink fins facilitate better heat transfer and limit dust collection on the fixture, which affects heat transfer over time. The Extreme Ambient Pro product was designed to light your facility for years!

Build to withstand high ambient temperatures (up to 65°C). Technology in product reduces light fixture power output when ambient temperature exceeds specified temperature, thus protecting the fixture in extreme conditions.

  • Driver – integrated or can be remotely placed.
  • Dimmable – saves energy; energy efficiency, lower energy cost.
  • Aluminum die-cast housing. Fins for optimal heat dissipation.
  • Dedicated heat sink for driver; vertically mounted.
  • IP65 rated.

The Extreme Ambient Pro LED is ideal for interior environments with extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures.

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