Military grade Industrial LED lighting

Tactik specializes in LED lighting for the most challenging environmental conditions, where temperature extremes, dust, grit, moisture and corrosive vapors will dramatically shorten the life of other industrial light fixtures. All Tactik lights are relentlessly engineered “military-grade” tough to provide dependable, energy efficient lighting no matter what the commercial or industrial application.

The Tactik Lighting Difference


High Operating

Heat will shorten the life of most LED light fixtures, even those sold as “high temperature resistant.” Tactik delivers heat resistant industrial LEDs that perform as promised.


No Lumen Loss
at High Temps

As internal fixture temperatures rise, leading competitors are shown to have up to a 45% drop off in lumen output. Tactik lights experience no fall-off within rated temperature parameters.


Proprietary Design
Sheds Dust & Dirt

Dust and dirt are a reality of manufacturing, but they wreak havoc on fixture life as they collect on surfaces. Tactik design innovations help shed contaminants to preserve heat dissipation.


Proudly Made
in the USA

Most LED lights are manufactured in China, where component specifications and assembly quality control can be challenging. For Tactik Lighting that just wasn’t acceptable. Check out our American Made Fixture line today.

Enlighted IoT Solutions

Lighting is only the beginning.

Enlighted is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that delivers the leading technology platform for smart buildings, with game-changing sensor technology, scalable networks, real-time data collection, and high-value applications. We are thrilled to partner with Enlighted as they redefine what a smart building can be.



Sulfur Dioxide: Determining LED Fixtures’ Ability to Resist Corrosive Penetration

LED Lighting Blog

PRESS RELEASE: Innovative, American-made Industrial LED Lighting Sets New Standards for Toughness and Reliability

Tactik Lighting, today announces the introduction of two American-made LED lights that incorporate patent-pending innovations designed to redefine fixture life, even in the harshest operating environments imaginable.

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Partnering with Tactik Lighting is an opportunity to differentiate your business in the highly competitive LED marketplace and bring significantly more value to your clients, while increasing market share and profit.

Top Benefits of Tactik Partnership:

  • Superior Industrial LEDs Made in the USA
  • Factory Direct Pricing Structure
  • Volume Rebate Incentive Plan
  • Project Financing Program
  • Unrivaled Project and Logistics Support
  • One-On-One Training, Live or Virtual

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