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Panel LED’s

These sleekly design panels are an attractive alternative to typical fluorescent lighting with the superior efficiency of a DLC Premium listed product. The Panel LED’s are available in a variety of color temperature selections, with a sealed frame, and several mounting options. Order a panel at your desired color temperature (3000-5000K) or purchase one where you can adjust the color as needed. The sealed design allows for minimal maintenance and cleaning, keeping it free of internal dust and bugs. Suspend, recess or surface mount the Panel LED. The high efficiency fixture has dimmable capability and can be used with motion and daylight sensors.

  • Tunable light available – 3000K – 5000K with remote control or wall mount control
  • Sealed frame
  • Suspend, recess, surface mount for mounting units
  • High efficiency lumens per watt
  • Motion sensor options

The Panel LED is ideal for offices, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, lobbies and other commercial lighting applications where drop ceilings are used.

Purchase the Surface Mount kit for ease of installing to ceiling.

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